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Original italian Grey Basalt

The unique, real, orginal "Pietra lavica dell'Etna" !
Due to its technical characteristics it is considered the best basalt in the world.
The goal that we have always set ourselves is to offer a product of the highest quality, an impeccable and punctual service, advice and assistance for full customer satisfaction.
With this in mind, we work consistently, investing in research and innovation, in order to present on the market a product that is increasingly studied in detail.
A great love for this unique material, born from the fire and shaped by the inspiration that only the great masters possess.
Etna basalt is a stone product of particular strength and beauty, with aesthetic characteristics, resistance and workability superior to other basaltic materials. The aspect of the Etna basalt varies from a fairly uniform dark color to a dotted one with points of one, two or three different colors.
We follow the entire production process with the utmost attention; from the selection of blocks, to cutting, finishing and processing.
We focus on marketing products of the highest quality.
We can supply:
- Slabs
- Tiles
- Pavings
- Wall facings
- Street furniture
- Landscaping items (patios, pool coping, walkways, etc)
- Cut-to-size jobs on project.
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