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Italian handmade terracotta

These terracotta products come from an ancient kiln that has been focusing on product quality for almost 94 years, making use of the experience gained in three generations of kilnsmen. Since 1922 it has preserved the tradition of clay processing, today representing a leading company in the brick production sector. The clay is extracted from an ancient quarry, whose particular characteristics make the product unique in its hardness and resistance, preserving its natural color such as to offer the best traditional terracotta of the Mediterranean.
The artisanal production resulting from the skilled hands of artisans has been flanked by industrial production supported by sophisticated machines that leave the beauty of the product unaltered. In both cases, the predominant prerogative is attention to the high quality of the product. The company offers a wide range of bricks ranging from the production of Coppo (ideal tiles for roofing) to the production of floors, strips, terracotta bricks. All materials can be used indifferently in restorations, in modern construction, in applications with new materials, creating fascinating and personalized environments. All products, both artisanal and industrial, are rigorously produced with natural clays extracted from the proprietary quarries, without the addition of mud or industrial powders.
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